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1Does Ag Printers sell printers?
Although our name may make you think we do, we DO NOT sell printers. We can direct you toward a thermal printer vendor.
2How do I determine if I get a Standard, All-In-One Cardstock, or Thermal tag?
The biggest factors to consider with this is the quantity that you need per trait and if you will be printing to the tag. Thermal tags have a 2,000 per trait minimum. If you are printing to the tag, you will need an All-In-One cardstock, or thermal tag. The type of printer you have is next what will determine if you choose cardstock or thermal. Thermal tags require a thermal transfer printer.
3How do I determine if I need a Single, Bi-Fold, or Tri-Fold thermal tag?
The Ag Printers team will help you with this. It is based on the amount of legal language that is needed for the Trait and Treatment options you are needing.
4If I’m interested in working with Ag Printers for a product guide, what are the steps?
First a sales member will work with you to determine what size and page count of a catalog may best fit your needs and get you pricing. Once pricing is approved you will have a consultation meeting (via Zoom) with your sales rep and designer. During the consultation a design direction will be determined, and we will begin the design phase of your project. The design phase will consist of Ag Printers receiving product data and information for the book and proofs back and forth until a print ready design is complete.
5Can I supply Ag Printers with images for my projects?
Yes, there are resolution requirements depending on how the images are being used. (300 dpi is recommended) Printing at this resolution will ensure your images come out clear and crisp.
6Does Ag Printers have images I can use?
Yes, Ag Printers has a subscription to an image library that we can access. There is a $50/image fee for sole use of that image in as many projects as you wish for 1 year.
7Does Ag Printers offer mailing services?
Yes, Ag Printers can mail direct to your customer/prospect base.
8Is money due when I sign a contract?
No, we will send an invoice to a preferred email address once your item is completed/ships.
9If I sign a 3-year contract on a product guide, am I locked into the product specs for the upcoming years?
No, you may change quantities, materials, or size specs on any future projects. You are simply locking your price into a year price grid.
10If I sign a contract, am I locked into that quantity?
We can update quantity on jobs up until they go to print. You will be asked to confirm your quantity prior to printing.
11Does Ag Printers have pre-printed tags?
No, all tags are print on demand.
12Does Ag Printers sell Field Signs?
Yes, we offer Field Signs! Please contact us for a quote.
13Can I order a Seed Guide in any page count?
You must order in 4 page increments.
14Is there a price difference for different brochure folds?
The ones that we highlight on our site are standard. There are some special request custom folds that can increase the cost.
15Do I get a printed proof?
No, the proofing process is digital. A printed proof can be sent upon request but may add to turn times.
16What format of logo file do you need?
We prefer .ai or .eps files for logos. This format ensures your logo will print accurately and at the highest quality.
17What is the difference between printing process (CMYK) and printing spot?
Process printing involves the layering of 4 standard ink colors: cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. These color layers combine to make up the final image. Spot colors are solid pre-mixed color formulas determined by the PANTONE® system. Spot color printing is useful when precise color accuracy is important and less than 4 colors are present, e.g. Logos.

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